Friday, November 22, 2013

Meet the Expert: Dr. Dwane Jones and Center for Sustainable Development Team

Dwane Jones, Ph.D., is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, a division of CAUSES. Dr. Jones conducts research and teaches courses in Urban Sustainability, Urban Design, Urban Planning and Low Impact Development. He has degrees in Urban Planning, Environmental Planning, and Urban Design.

"The Center for Sustainable Development is a central component of CAUSES in which all academic and land-grant initiatives coalesce. The Center implements research projects that integrate all programs of CAUSES in an effort to produce and understand the implications and impacts of sustainable development," explained Dr. Jones.

The Center for Sustainable Development encompasses the three pillars of Sustainability- People, Places, and Profit (Environment, Economics, and Equity). As such, the Center consists of faculty and staff appointments in Environmental Sciences, Economic Analysis, Sustainable Spaces (green infrastructure, green buildings, and resources), and Entrepreneurship. UDC’s Center for Sustainable Development also includes a world-class water quality research lab as part of its Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI).

"My vision is that the Center for Sustainable Development become a leader in educational excellence and research in sustainable development. This vision includes developing, implementing, and evaluating applied research projects as building blocks of sustainability. Each project will then become a classroom for student learning, community engagement, and economic development."

Dr. Jones is joined by Dr. Jon Cooper, Dr. Wayne Curtis and Dr. Kamran Zendehdel. Continue reading to learn more about the Center for Sustainable Development and its core team!

With over 30 years of experience in financial services and state government, Wayne R. Curtis, Ph.D., is widely recognized for his business acumen. 
He is a project specialist in the Center for Sustainable Development, CAUSES, as well as the director of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship in UDC's School of Business and Public Administration. Dr. Curtis established Curtis Concepts, LLC, an economic development consulting firm, in 2007. Dr. Curtis recently led the the successful first-ever DC Sustainability and Social Enterprise Summit.

Dr. Cooper helped to develop a Development and Environment course, Food, Water, Health, and Wellness, helping to integrate the cornerstones of the CAUSES mission. The course was designed to introduce members of the community to the relationship between these two topics and their future role in making a difference for their families and society. We discuss how to get to good quality through considerations of food, water, health and wellness. Other topics include the organization of a green community and influencing the type of development for the future.

Dr. Zendehdel, our new Assistant Director for Sustainability Education. Dr. Zendehdel's research and teaching interests have been fostered by several years of undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring. His Ph.D. dissertation research on community-based environmental management was a deep study of communities’ involvement into environmental restoration programs and resulted in the development of a new community-based environmental conservation method. This will be useful for the integration of academic and community education programs within CAUSES. Dr. Zendehdel will be organizing this year's Green Living Expo DC this September, so stay tuned for more info!

Contact Dr. Jones at or you may visit the College’s website at and watch him discuss low impact development on CAUSES TV.

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