Monday, April 7, 2014

CAUSES TV: Preparing for Spring Gardening

On this Spring Gardening episode of CAUSES TV, Dean Sabine O'Hara interviews  Che Axum, CAUSES' Director of the Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education. 

"Feeling the dirt between my fingers; the moist and warm soil is just the best feeling and seeing the first light green or fresh sprouts reminds me that there is new life, growth and new possibilities all around me," explains Dean O'Hara about her love of gardening.

One of the things that impact your quality of life is nature, being outdoors, and feeling a connection to the seasons. This is why so many enjoy gardening. So to encourage more of you to consider the joy of gardening, Dr. O'Hara interviews CAUSES' Center for Urban Ag Director Che'Axum to discuss spring gardening and to get the latest on what is happening at the University of the District of Columbia's Muirkirk Research Farm.

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