Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet Siaka Nuah, GSGA Vice President

by Arielle Gerstein

Siaka Nuah is the newly elected Vice President of the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) of the University of the District of Columbia. His goal as vice president is to ensure all graduate students are informed about campus activities. This includes sending emails and notes from GSGA meetings to all graduate students. He also wants to provide students with more networking opportunities through lecture and academic series and symposiums. In addition, he wants graduate students to have an opportunity to be more involved in conferences and competitions that are scheduled on campus.

He is currently a graduate student in Water Resources Management in the Professional Science Master’s program, a division of the CAUSES Center of Sustainable Development. His focus is on water quality and modeling with an emphasis on geographic information systems (GIS). Siaka is from Liberia, a country with poor water quality and poor water management. Using in undergraduate degree in civil engineering, he wants to return to Liberia, after receiving a Ph.D., and see how best he can help find a solution to the country’s water issues, particularly access to clean drinking water. One of his future goals is to become an entrepreneur in his home country to be able to provide jobs for others also working on water quality issues.

As for his role as vice president, he says, “I’m very happy to serve as vice president for the SGA to provide expertise in enhancing the academic structure of the institution and work with the graduate student community.”


  1. Keep up the great job bro. Wish you all the best in your endeavor.

  2. Thanks SN. I trust your ability and I know, with the level of training and pieces of advice you got from people like us back in Liberia, you will always make us proud. keep on the good work. bravo. Roland Perry