Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CAUSES partners with Plants Map to tag green spaces

Have you heard of Plants Map? Launched in early 2014, it's an online community for those interested in gardens and green spaces. CAUSES has partnered with Plants Map to identify plants, herbs and vegetables found in our Garden of the Senses, on our research farm, and on our new green roof.  

Plants Map helps us to organize and map our ever expanding greenery, tagging our green inventory with QR codes. Short for Quick Response Code, a QR code, is used for storing information that can be accessed using a smartphone. In this case, the information is linked to, an online community for plants and gardens.  

While you can always visit CAUSES on Plants Map, we suggest downloading a QR code reader to your smartphone for when you are visiting us at the farm, garden or green roof, to take advantage of interactive learning. Once you've opened the scanner tool, scan the code found on the identification marker. You will then be taken to the applicable webpage on the Plants Map website.

We are still in the early stages of adding additional details and background information to our Plants Map albums, so keep checking back for more information!

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