Monday, August 24, 2015

CAUSES TV: Urban agriculture and rooftop farming

On this episode of CAUSES TV taped on the new UDC green roof, Dean Sabine O'Hara and UDC Director of Urban Agriculture, Che Axum, discuss rooftop agriculture. Green roofs promote energy efficiency and stormwater management by helping to cool buildings and reducing storm-water runoff, but what makes our green roof unique is that it was constructed to produce food; in other words, it's an edible rooftop. 

The pair also expound upon the CAUSES Urban Food Hubs concept, which consists of: food production, food preparation, food distribution, and waste and wastewater management. Located on UDC's Van Ness campus in Northwest DC,the innovative urban food production and research center anchors Ward 3 food hub in the nation’s capital.

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