Sunday, October 25, 2015

CAUSES participates in Twitter Town Hall

CAUSES participated in a Twitter Town Hall on Wednesday, hosted by Ag is America. The other town hall participants were Kansas State University, North Dakota State University, and Southern University’s Ag Center. The four universities were honored for their innovation and leadership in their communities at the 2015 National Extension Directors and Administrators and Cooperative Extension Section Annual Business Meeting in St. Louis. 

A Twitter Town Hall is  an online forum that gives participants an opportunity to engage in a Q&A session over Twitter – a digital public forum. In real time, the four universities answered questions from across the nation. Each university provided an expert who answered questions about youth development, drones, health, nutrition, urban agriculture, and more. Dean Sabine O'Hara served as UDC's expert, tweeting responses to questions regarding the Urban Food Hubs solution to food insecurity.

According to Kglobal, organizer and facilitator of the Oct. 14 Cooperative Extension Innovation Town Hall, 6 million "followed" the 45 minute event, which saw almost 100 questions submitted. Here are some of our tweets:  

Prior to the event, Ag is America posted a Q&A with Dean O'Hara.

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