Monday, December 16, 2013

Upcoming 4-H Volunteer Leaders Training and 4-H news

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Other 4-H happenings

Environmentors Water Testing
The DC EnvironMentors recently conducted water testing near the National Zoo. It was a chilly day, with air temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, DC EnvironMentors braved the elements and took field readings of the Rock Creek.The students conducted tests for phosphates and nitrates, two common nutrients. They found that the nitrates were around 1 ppm (parts per million), which is just at the edge of the healthy range. The test for phosphates was inconclusive. The pH of the water was found to be 8.0 and the alkalinity to be 50 ppm. Again, these readings were healthy. Unsurprisingly, the water temperature was 8 degrees Celsius. The group concluded that on this particular day, the Rock Creek’s waters were relatively healthy. However, there has not been a significant rainfall lately, so the readings could look very different after a rain event due to run off. Thanks to Environmentors liaison Doug Loesch for sharing! 

Dream Academy's Field Trip to Muirkirk Farm
UDC’s Muirkirk Farm recently hosted a youth group from the Dream Academy. The trip was an extension of Dream Academy’s Healthy Lifestyles Program and 4-H cooking classes. During a tour of the research farm located Beltsville, Maryland, the young visitors learned about the basic workings of a farm and exactly makes food “organic.” The group also had the opportunity to taste freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and even planted kale!

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