Monday, January 20, 2014

CAUSES TV: Food Security

Food is fundamental to our health and well-being. If we don’t eat right we don’t feel right. Can the city of Washington, D.C. do more to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food?

On this episode of CAUSES TV, Dr. O'Hara interviews Dr. Judy Fisher, Bishop of the Full Gospel Church of the Lord's Missions International, and Gus Schumacher, Executive Vice President of Policy of Wholesome Wave and the former USDA Undersecretary of Agriculture. Together, they discuss the challenges faced in addressing food security in Washington, D.C.

Dean Sabine O'Hara is a firm believer in the motto 'Healthy Cities - Healthy People.'

"When people live in healthy environments, have safe and well-built homes, access to safe and healthy food, and neighborhoods where they can exercise and enjoy the outdoors with their neighbors, they are healthier," she explains.

But there is a wide gap across our region between those who have consistent access to safe or healthy food and those who do not. The latter group is food insecure.

Food insecurity in the lower income areas of D.C. was the impetus for the Ward 8 aquaponics project.

A previous episode of CAUSES TV on the topic of food security featured guests from the USDA's National Institute on Food and Agriculture, including Director Sonny Ramaswamy.

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