Friday, April 24, 2015


  • Mary Farrah honored with Casey Trees Canopy Award
  • Chef Herb guests on "Hope and Wellness" radio program
  • Rick Hess Joins CAUSES
  • DC SARE Urban Food Producers Spring Orientation and Workshop
  • Muirkirk Farm hosts biogas workshop
  • CNDH Healthy Cooking Class

Mary Farrah honored with Casey Trees Canopy Award
Urban forestry extension agent with the Center of Sustainable Development, Mary Farrah, was  honored with the Casey Trees 2015 Award for Education, at the Canopy Awards on April 23, 2015. Mary has been as a Casey Trees Citizen Forester since 2009, and is the designer and instructor of the Casey Trees Weed Warrior Invasive plant class, training hundreds of volunteers to pull invasive plants from trees in D.C.’s parks and natural areas. "It is nice to be recognized by Casey Trees. It is my privilege and honor to be doing something to actually conserve and preserve the last remaining wild places in my beloved hometown of Washington, DC." Congratulations, Mary! Join Mary at Casey Tree's next invasive removal class on June 3 and 6.  

Chef Herb guests on "Hope and Wellness" radio program
Chef Herb Holden, from our Center of Nutrition, Diet and Heath was interviewed on the radio show "Hope and Wellness" hosted by Dr. Vicki Reese and Antoine Brooks. Chef Herb discusses small changes one can make to increase flavors and nutrition in daily meals, and shares meal tips to enhance the cooking--and eating--experience. Listen to the show! 

Rick Hess Joins CAUSES
Rick Hess has joined CAUSES as the Administrative Specialist for Data Management and Assessment. He will be working with program directors/chairs and staff to assist with the assessment needs for academic and landgrant programs.  He previously served as an Undergraduate Student Experience Advisor and Assurance of Learning Specialist at the George Washington University’s School of Business. Rick earned his M.A. from the Ohio State University in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs and his B.A. from Rutgers University in English. Welcome, Rick!

DC SARE Urban Food Producers Spring Orientation and Workshop
Yao Afantchao, DC SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) State Coordinator, will be conducting a workshop for new farmers on Saturday, May 2, at Muirkirk Farm. Email for more information. Click here for more information on DC SARE.

Muirkirk Farm hosts biogas workshop
CAUSES recently hosted the Beginners and Builders Biogas weekend workshop at Muirkirk Farm. Produced by a natural process similar to composting, biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, and can be used as a fuel wherever ordinary natural gas might be used, such as cooking, heating, and vehicle operation, and even the production of high-quality fertilizer.
The workshop presented a new design for a fully insulated, small biogas digester capable of producing several cubic yards of biogas daily from moderate amounts of food waste. Participants who were interested in renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprints learned firsthand practical methods of making biogas digesters. The two-day workshop was taught by David House, author of The Complete Biogas Handbook.

CNDH Healthy Cooking Class
Also, Thanks to Chef T Henson for sharing this photo from the Pentacle in Ward 5 making English muffin vegetable pizzas! If you're interested in participating in a free six-week cooking course, learn more here! Congratulations to Cheryl Fraiser, Jose King and Blaytete Nelson for graduating from the spring cooking course!

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