Friday, May 22, 2015

We made NPR!

Guess who made NPR? Our resident "almost a celebrity" farmer, Che Axum!

Just ask Mchezaji "Che" Axum, who runs a research farm for the University of the District of Columbia, the only land-grant university in the country with an exclusively urban focus.

One of the central questions of urban agriculture is how to grow more food in less space. And so, instead of vast fields testing dozens of varieties of wheat, Axum's research farm has raised beds, narrow hoop houses and even a shipping container. He gives growers advice on where to buy decent soil or how to compost their own, in case the land they plan to grow on has a seedy industrial past.

Read Urban Farmers Say It's Time They Got Their Own Research Farms.

And that's not all! Che lent his expertise to Urban Farm Online's Prevent a Chemical Calamity in your Garden and made an appearance in the Food and Environment Reporting Network's Urban Farming Is Booming, But What Does It Really Yield? Read what Che has to say under the "Sustainable and Resilient" section.

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