Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CAUSES TV: Ethnic Crops and Invasive Plants

In this episode of CAUSES TV, Dean O'Hara is joined by two members of the CAUSES team: Mary Farrah and Yao Afantchao. Mary, who specializes in urban forestry native flora, and Yao, our ethnic crop specialist, are part of the community education program for the CAUSES Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education. 

Ethnic and Specialty Crops are growing in popularity in North America and make up more that 12 percent of all retail food sales. Invasive plants that have the ability to thrive, spread and aggressively take over your lawn or garden.

Ms. Farrah, writes about native and invasive species in Just CAUSES, and you can read more about Mr. Afantchao and the specialty and ethnic crop programs.

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