Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4-H update

Hopkins 4-H  Club Spells Success! 

Abena Disroe will now be leading a 4-H Club in Ward 6 of the District of Columbia. Ms. Disroe has numerous leadership development, conflict resolution and asset mapping awards and certificates. She is also an accomplished poet, playwright, and storyteller who has recently become a certified 4-H Leader, Abena will be guiding 4-H youth into becoming speakers, leaders, and writers; along with sharing knowledge about conflict resolution solutions.

She writes:                                                       

My  4-H Club recently met for the first time. They named themselves "The 4-H Amazing Kids Club." During our initial meeting, a representative from the University of the District of Columbia Center for 4-H and Youth Development came to greet everyone. Each youth was given the 4-H Pledge and Motto to memorize, and each spoke on how to become a more effective speaker.

We will be meeting twice a month and will start learning how to build robots during the winter months. Next month, they will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and 4-H photographer.

Under the leadership of Ms. Abby, the 4-H Amazing Kids Club is also planning on many educational/ fun field trips, fashion shows, proper dining etiquette, and publication of their own collective book.
If you would like to donate any educational materials, sewing machines, laptops, tape recorders, monetary donations or sponsor an excursion, please contact the leader at neighborhoodempowermentworking@gmail.com.

Thank you to Ms. Abby for her service! Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact Mrs. Rebecca Bankhead at rbankhead@udc.edu to apply.  

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