Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Muirkirk Farm Greens Donated to DC Central Kitchen

Prof. Pearson shows off his hoop sack.
In celebration of Thanksgiving,
CAUSES donated freshly grown produce to DC Central Kitchen (DCCK), to feed their clients during the Thanksgiving holiday. CAUSES donated kale grown on the UDC Research Farm and harvested by several volunteers, on Sat., November 22.

"This is a great opportunity for the University to give back to DC residents. This is their farm and their taxpaying dollars make this possible," said Center for Urban Agriculture Director, Che' Axum. "To give nutritious food back to the citizens is what should be done. It's service that counts, and we're glad to do it."

Food donation campaigns usually receive processed and pre-packaged goods, often lacking in nutrition. Kale is loaded with vitamins as well as calcium, iron and antioxidants. One cup of kale meets the daily requirement of vitamins A, C and K, and is good for the heart and eyes.

"This time of the year, we think about people who are less fortunate than we are. We hope that our fresh produce will enhance the Thanksgiving meals for many people," commented CAUSES Dean Sabine O'Hara.

UDC MANRRS Club represent!

According to Sal Thompson, who was on hand to pick up the produce on behalf of DC Central Kitchen, the produce will be prepped by cooks and volunteers and served at the shelters. "Some nice fresh greens for the people at the shelters is always a blessing, because they need fresh produce," Sal explained. 

Through job training, healthy food distribution, and local farm partnerships, DC Central Kitchen offers path-breaking solutions to poverty, hunger, and poor health. Since its founding, Since our founding in 1989, DC Central Kitchen has prepared 25 million meals for our low-income and at-risk neighbors in Washington, DC. 

"As a public university and landgrant university, it is our responsibility to serve the people of the District and to make their lives a little bit better and more joyful; and we hope that this event has contributed to that," added Dean O'Hara.

Got kale? Why not try our recipe for kale and sweet potato soup or quinoa and kale salad?

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