Monday, December 29, 2014

CAUSES TV: Local Food Security with Dreaming Out Loud

There is not much that is as important to our quality of life as our food. Food can make us feel good, and it can make us sick; it gives us energy and it can make us feel sluggish; it sustains life and it can be our livelihood. Yet not everyone has the kind of food that makes them feel good and full of energy. Some people don't even have the right kind of food, and some have simply not enough food. 

Chris Bradshaw joins Dean O'Hara on this episode of CAUSES TV. Chris is the CEO of Dreaming Out Loud, an organization here in the District of Columbia that fully embraces urban agriculture and social enterprise. The organization founded and manages Aya Community Markets, a network of farmers markets and mobile farm-stands that serve as a platform for improving community health, impacting youth, and furthering community economic development. Watch and learn more about their exciting initiatives!

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