Thursday, December 18, 2014

RN to BSN Nursing Students Hold Pinning Ceremony

Congratulations to the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, who celebrated their achievement with a pinning ceremony. Dr. Pier Broadnax, director of Nursing, explains:

"In a traditional pinning ceremony, nursing students are "pinned" to signify the rite of passage from one level of preparation to the next. Whereas physicians have a white coat ceremony, nurses have a pinning ceremony. In the case of our students, they are graduating from being associate degree-prepared nurses to baccalaureate prepared nurses. 

BSN Nursing faculty
As faculty, we also see the psychological transition the students make; this is very important because they saw themselves in a different light. The ceremony is also an opportunity also for them to acknowledge they are no longer the same as when they first entered the program. Not only are they are prepared to meet the future of nursing, they know they are prepared and have the confidence to implement change--because we have provided them with the skills to do so. As professional nurses, it is critical for them to be change agents, implementing what is needed to meet the complex needs of the 21st century patient."

Of the 25 total graduates, 24 participated in the pinning ceremony. See additional photos

The mission of the BSN program is to produce well-educated, autonomous, competent and resourceful graduates to practice nursing in the multiethnic, global and technological society of the 21st century. Visit the RN to BSN program online or contact Dr. Broadnax at (202) 274-5916.  

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