Monday, November 23, 2015

1400 lbs. harvested on Gleaning Day!

On Saturday, November 21, UDC staff, students and members of the community gathered at the UDC research farm to harvest 1,400 lbs. of kale, Swiss chard, collards and sweet potatoes. 

"Because we do not sell our produce, it would be a shame for the food we grow to go to waste. What better way to bring the community together for a good cause -- especially when Thanksgiving is right around the corner," explained Che Axum, director, CAUSES Center for Urban Agriculture. "At a time when more people than ever are struggling to feed their families, this is not only a privilege, but also our duty." 

The harvest was donated to DC Central Kitchen. For their time, volunteers received a free bag of produce to enjoy over the holiday. Thanks to everyone for coming out! Additional photos are available on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Prof. Clarence Pearson for his instructional graphic!

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