Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nursing students provide health screenings for Institute of Gerontology

Here in CAUSES, we promote interdisciplinary and collaborative learning. We take every opportunity to integrate academics with our landgrant programming. Just recently on Nov. 18, students in our RN to BS in Nursing program partnered with the Institute of Gerontology for their monthly In-service, offering health screenings to 64 senior volunteers. The BSN students provided glucose, blood pressure and body mass index  screenings and counseling to the seniors. 

When asked about the benefits of the collaboration, BSN professor Anne-Marie Jean-Baptiste explains: 
"It's threefold. (1) It increases visibility of the nursing program in the community; (2) It gives the students the opportunity to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical or experiential learning; and (3) the members of the community benefit by receiving the screenings."

The program was arranged by Ms. Claudia John, project specialist, Institute of Gerontology, to provide beneficial services and information to the senior volunteers with the Institute.

"One of the seniors had an elevated blood sugar level. Had it not been for the health screenings, the gentleman would not have known how high his blood sugar was," said Ms. John. "The seniors expressed to me that it was a blessing to have the UDC Nursing Department provide them with health screenings." 

 The RN to BS in Nursing program earlier this year received accreditation for another eight years. Contact the Institute of Gerontology at gerontology@udc.edu or (202) 274-6697. 

Additional photos are available on our Facebook page.

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