Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meet the Expert: Tolessa Deksissa, Water Resources Research Institute

Dr. Tolessa Deksissa is UDC’s resident water expert, serving as director of the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) since 2012. The Institute and UDC’s other water-related programs and courses were developed to train both students and faculty in the new high-end analytical technologies.

During his time in CAUSES, Dr. Deksissa spearheaded the establishment of the Environ­mental Quality Testing and Modeling and Simulation Laboratory, a state of the art research facilities. He also helped to establish UDC’s bachelor’s of science program in water quality and environmental sciences as well as the Professional Science Master degree program in Water Resources Management, serving as director.

“As we work with stakeholders to address DC area water issues, including managing storm water and protecting drinking sources, we improve the quality of life for all the citizens of the District of Columbia,” stated Dr. Deksissa.

He first joined WRRI in 2006 as a research associate, where he built a foundation for the research, training and collaboration needed to protect and manage water resources in the greater D.C. metropolitan area. His areas of expertise are: modeling integrated urban wastewater systems, investigating endocrine disrup­tors, GIS analysis of green infrastructure and pesticide analysis in environmental samples.

Dr. Deksissa graduated from Alameya Uni­versity, Ethiopia, in 1992 with a bachelor of science degree in arid land crop sciences. He received a master of science in environmental sanitation and a doctorate in environmental technology from Ghent University, Belgium.

Visit WRRI online here. Dr. Deksissa can be reached at tdeksissa@udc.edu.

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