Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sandy Farber Talks Deer Proofing Gardening Tips on the Radio

As the weather turns warmer, learn how to protect your flowers and plants. Sandy Farber Bandier of UDC's Cooperative Extension Service recently discussed plants that deer are less likely to eat and strategies for keeping deer out of your garden for Federal News Radio 1500 AM. The interview was led by Shirley Rooker for the weeklyprogram Of Consuming Interest.  Listen as Sandy gives Shirley tips about how to protect her garden--and one of those tips include using pantyhose!

A horticulturalist, Sandy Farber is the Environmental and Natural Resources Extension Agent and Master and Junior Master Gardener Coordinator in the CAUSES Center of Urban Agriculture. She has 226 active Master Gardeners in D.C., where she trains participants to go out in the field and teach plant clinics. Sandy also has beautification projects in all eight Wards of D.C. including schools, places of worship, nursing homes and parks. Her Master Gardeners give back 9,000 hours back to the city annually.

Sandy Farber (r) with host Shirley Rooker.

Here are a few of Sandy's tips to deer-proof your garden:
  • Deer don't like thyme and rosemary, but love basil.
  • Spray repellent on pantyhose which can then be weaved into the plants that you don't want deer to eat.
  • Switch repellent every 7-14 days because deer will quickly get used to it.
  • Deer do not eat barberry which is invasive in Rock Creek Park. (Learn more about D.C.'s invasive plants in Plant Invaders.)
Listen to the interview here. Behind the scenes photos from Sandy's interview are available on our Facebook page.

More information about Sandy's Master Gardener Program is available hereSandy can be reached at sfarber@udc.edu

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