Friday, March 14, 2014

Rooting DC Recap

Catherine Nourse discusses nutrition with a
Rooting DC attendee.
On Sat., March 1st, 2014, over 1000 community members participated in the annual Rooting DC event. This free, all-day gardening forum hosted by DC Greens provided education about urban food production and consumption. With over 70 workshops that included but were not limited to: seed starting, soil remediation, irrigation, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, and container gardening, the event provided something for everyone from the beginner gardeners to seasoned horticulturists to citizens concerned about the greater food justice landscape. 

As one of the 50 organizations who facilitated the information fair, Center for Nutrition Diet and Health (CNDH) Project Specialist, Catherine Nourse actively engaged with DC residents on topics ranging from spring harvest vegetables to affordable, healthy snacking ideas to academic programs within CAUSES. 

Thankful for the opportunity to contribute, Ms. Noruse cited her enthusiasm for the chance to speak with folks interested in cultivating a healthy relationship with food, in particular, a nine year old girl curious about ways to prepare and eat broccoli who eagerly accepted CNDH’s Broccoli Fact Sheet.

For more information, contact Catherine Nourse.

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