Monday, September 29, 2014

ARI: Service to the Community

Whether it’s to community organizations or residential assistance, ARI has helped to make a difference and an impact around the city.

“Our mission in Architecture is not just to develop Architects but to create good citizens in the community who have learned to give back and be an example to those who follow,” explained ARI head, Prof. Clarence Pearson.

As the clinical arm of UDC’s architecture program, ARI provides services that include:
      Analyzing existing buildings to determine the feasibility of rehabilitation.
      Documenting the condition of existing structures.
      Preparing schematic designs.
      Preparing construction documents.
      Obtaining construction building permits.
      Reviewing construction proposals.
      Weekly monitoring of construction process until final completion.

These projects enable the city to become a “ working model” in which students of the university are able to confront (and find solutions to) the many issues that impact our urban environment.
Saint Paul Community Church. Credit: Wanda Briscoe

Here’s a small sampling of ARI’s recent projects:
  • ARI staff has worked with seniors at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School.
  • In 2013, ARI assisted a DC resident who owned a single-family dwelling, two-story brick house with basement. The resident requested assistance with bringing the property up to DC residential code, and ARI provided a scope of work and construction plan, as well as helping the resident to obtain the necessary building permits--all pro bono.
  • Renovation of the historic St. Paul Community Church in Poolesville, Maryland, built in 1893 on a site founded by freed slaves. ARI is responsible for the restoration of the church’s multipurpose Community Hall, allowing for continued documentation and history preservation. 

For more info on ARI, contact Prof. Pearson at

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