Sunday, September 21, 2014

Green Living Expo DC and Back to School BBQ Recap

Credit: Jay Morrow 
Cheers to a successful 2014 Green Living Expo DC! This year's event was held in partnership with the 9th Annual Back to School BBQ for the University of the District of Columbia, where UDC welcomed back students, staff, faculty and alumni at the start of another academic year. Aligning the two events offered the local community to join in the celebration promoting global peace, health and wellness, and environmental sustainability. The joint event was UDC's first foray into creating a zero-waste event,  meaning water bottles were discouraged, refuse was recycled, compostable/recycled paper and plastic goods were used, and food waste was composted, among other environmentally-friendly initiatives.  

Nearly 50 exhibitors were on hand to help attendees discover why D.C. is steadily becoming the model of a sustainable city and how residents can introduce green initiatives into their lives. Green businesses, energy and waste-saving devices, green roofs, locally grown food, urban forests, urban biking, and green infrastructure are just a few of the exhibitors and services that were available during the daytime portion of the expo.The evening brought an array of expert panels which included many of the exhibitors.

The Back to School BBQ offered attendees a chance to consult with health expert Dr. Ian Smith while enjoying demonstrations, live music, and local food. Held on Sept. 11, the event also paid tribute to the lives lost on 9-11.  

Along with the Back to School BBQ Committee chaired by UDC's David Gaston, CAUSES is the primary host of the Expo, in conjunction with Going Green Today and volunteer organization Green Living DC. Going Green Today is a leader in community-based sustainability initiatives and teaches individuals how to shift to a low-carbon lifestyle. They are currently running the Do It For DC! Challenge in conjunction with the DC government to help make DC the greenest, most livable city in the nation. 

For more information on the Back to School BBQ, contact David Gaston, and for more information on the Green Living Expo, contact Dr. Kamran Zendehdel.

Credit: Jay Morrow 

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