Friday, September 19, 2014

CAUSES featured in Urban Ag article for Climate Progress!

Thanks to Climate Progress for featuring CAUSES in 
How One Of D.C.’s Worst Heroin Markets Became A Sustainable Food Source, by Jeff Spross. 
Here's an excerpt:

"When people have relied their entire lives on a system that delivers them nothing but processed, canned, and frozen food, they can often miss out on basic skill sets more fortunate Americans take for granted,” O’Hara added. “Or the fact that when food comes fresh from the land, that’s not a messy thing, that’s a good thing.”

So when Washington Parks and People reclaimed Marvin Gaye Park, they didn’t just build the farm; they partnered with O’Hara and UDC to bring those skills back to the Lincoln Heights community. They took over a space around the corner that used to be a night club — the Crystal Lounge, where Marvin Gaye first performed professionally — and transformed it into a kitchen and teaching center. Chefs from UDC run classes where adults and children from the neighborhood can learn how to cook, how to prepare fresh food, how to understand nutrition, and how to tend and care for the garden itself.

We've been fortunate to partner with like-minded organizations such as Washington Parks & People as we combat food insecurity through urban agriculture and education, which also has a positive economic impact when food is grown, sold and consumed locally.

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